Monday, August 1, 2011

A Girl and A Dress

Thursday, July 28th, 6:45 a.m. I get a text, "Hey. The Shoot." I could barely open my eyes to read the text, I looked outside and it's raining. Not a good day for a photo shoot. About 10:45, it was just cloudy and a little drizzle. I said, let's do this. I packed up my gear, umbrella, dress, and headed out to what was going to be my debut as a Fashion Photographer.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. We headed to Millenium Park, Chicago's hidden treasure. Joel Burton, Father of Leia Sofia Burton, allowed me to photograph Leia in an original Angel Eyes Design. She wore an ivory chiffon summer dress from my Summer Limited Collection. Leia was more than happy to participate. The 4 1/2 year old was a bit shy at first, so we told her to just play. She got into the water, she climbed benches, she splashed in water puddles and played with an umbrella under the waterfalls. I didn't even feel like I was working. I was simply following this little joy, full of wonder and amazement. I had so much fun, as did she. At one point, her dad got into the water as well. After the shoot, we went to Maxwell's and got some grub, then hit up Mario's Italian Ice on Taylor. It was a great day in the Park.

I never really saw myself as a photographer. I think it's definitely fun to do, but I would never want it to be my job. I think it would lose it's fun factor immediately. As long as the photo shoots remain fun, spontaneous, and simple, I'll take on the projects.  I'm so glad that Columbia College groomed me to be more than I thought I ever could be. All those classes of drawing, sketching, sewing, photography, tailoring, textiles, you name it, I took it. I am finally appreciating how it all was worth it and came to good use in my life. 

Here are some photos from my Photo Shoot with Leia Sofia Burton. You can view the complete album on my website under the tab A Girl and A Dress. None of these photos were Photoshopped or enhanced in any way. There was also no Make up or Hair Stylists involved. Just A Girl and A Dress!

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