Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's 12:58 AM and I cannot sleep. Too much on my mind after the Interpol/U2 Concert at Soldier Field tonight. Of course, both bands were beyond incredible! Interpol played all their major hits and so did U2. The one song that stood above the rest, the one song that hit so close to home, the one song that struck chords in me I thought I didn't have, was "One."

Facebook only allows 420 characters in one status update. 420 is not enough. 420 is not even close to the fraction of characters I wish to share. I don't want boundaries. I don't want restrictions. I want to be free. Freedom was stressed tonight at the concert. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to be creative. Freedom to Love. The song "One" expresses so many ideas. The message is this: It begins with One. One idea, one thought, one person. It begins with us. One person can put an idea in another and that idea can than be passed on to another. It is up to us to share something positive, or something negative.

Sometimes we think to ourselves, "I am only one person. What difference can I make?" You can make a WORLD of difference. If I start recycling, and someone else sees me recycle, they may think, "Well, she's doing it. Maybe I should too." Then someone sees that person recycle, and thinks to themselves, "Well, if they're doing it, maybe I should too." This is an example of something positive. The same thing can happen in a negative way. I throw trash on the ground, someone may see me and think, "Well, she doesn't care, why should I?"

One is all it takes. No one may read my blog. Maybe a handful will. However, I will keep writing and expressing myself here and anywhere I go in hopes that I can inspire, encourage, motivate, teach, uplift, or just spark ideas in at least "One" person.  Angel Eyes Designs began with One idea. The idea that one day, I'd be able to create clothing to share with the world. Well, so far, Angel Eyes Designs has been exposed to Chicago. One City. One day, maybe it will be shared in other cities.

Ask yourself, "Am I that one person who can cause change?"

It begins with One.

Here are some images of the concert last night:

And here is the song that inspired today's post:

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